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What to Look for in a Good Mentor

The quickest way to go through life is to find a person who can hold your hand and show you the path to working so that you can avoid some of the mistakes that they made. Even in this generation, Mentorship still plays a very important role in it is vital for anyone’s life. If you look at people who have mentors and compare them to those who do not, you will quickly realize that the gets to move a bit quicker in life because they do not end up making the same mistakes that the mentors did at their age, which ends in them saving a lot of time that would have otherwise been listed in making mistakes and trying to learn from them. In most places in the world that you will travel to, you are likely to find this proverb; it is only a fool who will learn from his own mistakes. This proverb points to the fact that it would be very unwise for anyone to wait until they have made the same mistakes that other people have made in the past, so that they can learn from these mistakes. Instead, what would be wise would be to look and drew wisdom from the mistakes that other people who have gone ahead of you have made. When you talk about Mentorship, then this is the exact definition of what it is.

The earlier a person can get a mentor who will work with them and hold the hand, the better that person will be, and they will have greater chances of making it in life early. A mentor is basically a parcel has walked the path that you are trying to walk and has attained some level of success, enough to on them your admiration. It would be able to hold your hand and show you exactly what they did to be able to attain the level of success that they did. In order to benefit from a Mentorship relationship, it is important that you take a few things into mind that will help you pick out the best available mentor who would be of maximum value to you.

When considering a mentor, you must take into consideration what it is that you want to do in life, they look for a person who has walked that path and is already attaining great success. This is extremely important for the purposes of being relatable to you and being able to understand exactly where you are coming from and give you the necessary tips to elevate you.

Secondly, you must ensure that the person you are considering to be a mentor is a person who is available or at least, is willing to make time for you. If they are not, then it would be the purpose of having them as you mentor because you will ever get to sit down with them.

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